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Name: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
Canon: Tiger & Bunny
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Role: PE Teacher

Background (AU): Kotetsu is a born and bred citizen of Arcadia, the third generation of Japanese immigrants. He led a fairly normal life, ignorant of superpowers and the like outside of comic books. That all came to an end when, precociously at age eleven, he awoke, accidentally destroying a car in the process. Coming thankfully from a loving family, the matter was swept under the rug; the destruction was attributed to a drunk driver running into the car sometime in the middle of the night. But without any information to go by, the best his family could recommend to Kotetsu at the time was to simply not move when his powers triggered; since they only went in five minute spurts, so long as he stayed still and nobody touched him, nothing was at risk of being destroyed. Unlike some Moirae abilities, furthermore, his were advertised by a persistent blue glow, which made it easier to figure out when it was necessary for him to freeze.

This approach, while practical, meant that for a while Kotetsu feared his abilities and what they could do. With nobody to explain them and nobody to serve as a role model, all Kotetsu knew was that if he wasn't careful, he could blow out a wall with a mere flick of the finger, and it terrified him. That constant feeling of being watched by some unknown presence didn't help much either. However, that all changed one day when, caught by accident in a bank robbery, he bore witness to a vigilante who identified himself only as "Mr. Legend" using his own Moirae abilities to defeat the thugs. Kotetsu shied away at first, but Mr. Legend told him not to fear his abilities, to use his strength to help others just as Mr. Legend had himself just done. Kotetsu was inspired; he didn't have to be a menace. He could be a hero!

But he needed training. And apparently Mr. Legend recognized that; he offered to act as Kotetsu's benefactor into Sophia Academy, a place he assured young Kotetsu could help train him how to better control himself. He eagerly accepted, forever seeing Mr. Legend as his hero for opening his eyes and showing him a new path. And so he started his academic career, learning, growing, developing, and never letting go of that desire to protect others, just like his idol (who himself eventually seemed to disappear under mysterious circumstances). During this time, he met his future wife, Tomoe, who shared his enthusiasm for all things heroic, and would support him through marriage and childbirth until a disease untimely ended her life years later.

Rather than leave the academy entirely as some have, however, Kotetsu stayed, becoming a teacher at the school. At the same time he took up vigilante work as Wild Tiger -- much like the name of the Archon he had learned to harness -- helping protect the island from crime and saving people from peril. Increasingly, he's finding himself dedicating more of his time to the school, however, hoping to find other Moirae and help them find confidence in themselves, much as he'd found in himself.

Personality: Take your stereotypical shounen hero and let him grow up to nearly middle age, and you have Kotetsu. Impulsive to a fault, he fights to defend human life, usually with his fists first. His tendency to leap headfirst into a situation before fully taking note of the situation can be a double-edged sword; sure, he can get those people out of the way faster, but look at how much property damage he causes. What's more, he doesn't seem to particularly care if he is destroying things in the process of doing what he does; human lives, after all, take priority over property. This causes no end of frustration for the beancounters. This isn't to say that Kotetsu CAN'T think his way through a situation, but rather that a calculated approach tends to be Plan B for him rather than Plan A. Once he IS forced to think, he can show displays of pure brilliance.

At the same time, he can also be laid back and friendly, which tends to contribute to an overall goofy personality. This aspect is tempered by the wisdom of age; Kotetsu is a veteran, and always willing to give advice to people if he thinks they need it (even if, of course, they don't think the same way). Kotetsu is the sort of guy who thinks of others before he thinks of himself. Some people find this aspect of his personality dorky; others find it rather admirable. He doesn't really care either way.

Mostly. Kotetsu hates to admit it, but he does like receiving recognition and praise for what he does. He won't go out of his way to demand it for the most part, since that's just not what heroes should CARE about, but he does get sullen when he feels like he's not being given his due. Actually call him on it, however, and he immediately shifts into denial mode. It's a vicious cycle, really.

He may seem devil-may-care, but he does have his own worries. Chief among them is his relationship with his ten-year-old daughter, Kaede. His vigilante work often forces him to flake out on spending time with her, and he's well aware of the strain this causes. The fact that he's her only parent right now just makes things worse, even if his own mother does an admirable job of taking care of her. All he wants is for her to admire him, to love him, and right now it's very difficult for him to cultivate that sort of relationship with her. Still, he soldiers on, fulfilling the promise he made to continue to be a hero, and hoping one day Kaede will understand.

Moira's Gift: Hundred Power -- He can enhance his human capabilities for a five minute period before having to recharge for an hour. This ranges from strength to speed to hearing, and even a very mild amount of healing, although only of superficial wounds. It also has a side effect of making him glow blue for the duration of activation.

Other Abilities: Kotetsu's combat training comes mostly from years of experience rather than any formal training. As such, he tends to fight more like a kid on the streets than a formal martial artist. He does keep himself in shape, but typically only through the bare minimum of effort.

Name: Wild Tiger

Appearance: A green and white tiger, about the minimum size of an Archon (five meters). Its secondary form is more like a suit of armor, and is more or less identical to the canonical appearance of his current uniform, san advertising logos.

Primary Attacks: Kotetsu is a brute force sort of guy, and his Archon doesn't stray much from the mold; it specializes in powerful biting, clawing and tackling attacks, and the secondary form is really just more of the same.

Special Ability: Tiger Drive: Its speed and strength are enhanced even beyond what his Moirae powers allow for five minutes. All five senses are enhanced, and it becomes highly durable. Unlike Kotetsu's ability, the Archon takes much longer to charge up, however, at a rate of a minute an hour.

It also has a last ditch ability in its secondary mode, Good Luck Mode, which activates when KOTETSU'S ability runs short. His fist suddenly shifts into a much meaner, cooler looking form. Nobody is entirely sure WHY it has this, since it apparently does little else other than look cool, but it at least serves as a helpful sign that Kotetsu's about to revert to normal human strength.

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